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Karaoke with BTE 

Singing on stage to your favorite song through a great sound system, under the lights with your friends cheering and singing along... that's what Karaoke is about.  

With BTE you can have Karaoke for the whole event or on and off throughout the event and we'll DJ in between.  Our Karaoke library is extensive, current, and always expanding.



Forget the cheap mics and limited song selection of your last karaoke experience, we give you the FULL ROCKSTAR TREATMENT by including the following features:

Dedicated vocal monitor speaker so you can clearly hear yourself singing

Stage lighting & Shure SM58 wireless mics

Dedicated DJ/host to coordinate singers and keep event moving

Soundman to EQ each singer and add vocal effects such as reverb, chorus, & echo

Available key changing (ex. F# - C flat)

42" or 17" lyric teleprompter

Pricing depends upon duration, time of year, venue, and size of group.  Contact us for a quote.

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